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Join us on our journey to make future Nevada Teachers ready to move Nevada forward through a variety of free resources.

Welcome to the Post Program Support Community

The Nevada Educator Preparation Institute & Collaborative (NV-EPIC), in partnership with the Public Education Foundation and the Clark County Education Association, offers three years of support with the understanding that support beyond the program is vital to long-term retention. Given the majority of new teachers leave within the first three years, partners are committed to providing tailored post-program support that accompanies graduates.

The Post-Program Support initiative has built a user-friendly website that will aid your induction into the school system and help you navigate your role as a new educator by providing you with unlimited access to a variety of resources.

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You can teach a student a lesson for a day, but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.

– Clay P. Bedford

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Our Quarterly publication delves into the experiences and beneficial resources for Nevada's newest educators! Nevada New Teacher Times showcases how educators are connecting with their community and maintaining their well-being while exploring a wealth of supports offered by Post Program Support. Check out our issues to learn more about our featured educators and how they are doing their part to move Nevada Forward.

The Story Behind Our Guides

Our Guides On Demand are here to assist when you need them. Please take some time to get to know the guides who will be working with you throughout the 2023-2024 school year. If/when you need to access their expertise, please click on the link to request assistance.

Welcome to Our Virtual Office

Virtual office hours provide you an opportunity to engage each week with a master practitioner. Teaching can be a lonely profession – we want to ensure you are wrapped in support and always have access to a colleague who cares deeply about your success.

Sites for Educators

You will find both webinars for educators and social media platforms. Social networking sites provide endless opportunities for educators and can empower teachers to explore new ways of sharing information and build community. You will find a bundle of resources that teachers share with one another to support their practice in the classroom.

College and Career Readiness Dual Enrollment

High school students – individually or through institutional agreements with school districts – may enroll in classes and receive credit at post-secondary institutions. Nevada school districts have many options and partnerships with Nevada institutions for students to earn college credits during high school.

Mental Health

We offer mental health resources and curriculum to assist you in your classroom. Social Emotional Learning programs positively affect students’ successes in school. Studies show that social-emotional skills-such as problem-solving, self-regulation, impulse control, and empathy-help improve academics, reduce negative social behaviors like bullying, and create positive classroom climates.

Educators’ Mental Health and Wellness Corner

Mental health is real and, as educators working with young children, you must take care of yourself in order to take care of those who need you. We also include tips and tricks for how to incorporate wellness and meditation into your curriculum. 


Breathwork is a highly effective tool to bring down stress levels, hone mental clarity, and defuse tense classroom situations. Add this mindful breathing resource to your toolbox.

Supportive Touch

One easy way to comfort yourself when you’re feeling badly (e.g., ashamed, overwhelmed, anxious, sad) is to offer yourself a supportive touch. Our skin is an incredibly sensitive organ. Touch activates the care system and the parasympathetic nervous system to help us calm down and feel safe.

Talk to someone you trust

Remember that seeking help is important. It is not a sign of weakness, but instead, a sign of a reflective practitioner and being human. Talking about your feelings can make you feel better.

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