Positive Behaviour Supports

Positive behavior supports are not just for schools. Many parents and guardians are using the same ideas to create a better environment for the entire family. Further, ensuring the caregivers understand PBIS implementation means families and school personnel work together and share in the responsibility of making education decisions and improving student outcomes. 

Tips for parents to learn about positive reinforcement. The website provides a brief overview of PBIS and a link to the full article. 

This website provides step-by-step instructions about teaching social and emotional skills at home through positive behavior reinforcement interventions.

The website introduces PBIS implementation at school; helping caregivers to have a better understanding about PBIS with examples.

Understanding Children’s Behaviors

This website provides information about positive behavioral support and understanding children’s behaviors.

Interventions at Home

This article provides information about positive behavioral support and its implementation at schools, helping guardians to understand the process better and continue implementing the intervention at home.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Support

This webinar provides a thorough overview about positive behavior support for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

PBIS for Guardians

This website provides videos and presentations about PBIS for guardians.

Online Resources for Home Implementation

This website provides online resources for parents to learn about various behavioral support to implement in the home environment.

Caregivers and PBIS

A handout for caregivers to learn about PBIS and possible implementation in the home environment.