Tutoring Supports

Many students across Nevada are performing below grade level standards. This reality is particularly troubling as once students are behind, it can be very difficult to catch up. These issues disproportionately impact low-income students and students of color due to racial and economic inequities embedded within the American education system. Tutoring offers a means by which students can receive individualized or small group supports to bridge the academic gaps they are experiencing.

Teachers in Libraries

Teachers in Libraries have UNLV student tutors who help any student in grades K-12 with their homework in various subjects. They help ESL students who may need online tutoring. They offer in-person tutoring as well from Monday to Thursday from 4 PM to 6 PM.


Students can access the tutoring service when not in the classroom by using their online Clever account. Paper provides 1:1 virtual tutoring at no cost to students and their families. Students can get help in any subject or feedback on their written work from highly qualified educators through Paper’s secure online classroom, which is available via any device. Paper’s instructional framework emphasizes inquiry-based learning that empowers students to pursue lifelong learning and prepare for college and career success. Paper’s multilingual tutors provide support in English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin.

Real Talk Youth Impact Program

Real Talk focuses on providing positive direction to youth in Southern Nevada and keeping children from entering the juvenile justice system by providing positive role models, reinforcing family values, and redirecting kids to extracurricular activities. They aim to initiate behavior change in youth and redirect their energy in a positive manner. 

Math & SAT Support

Free online peer-to-peer tutoring services from the founder of Khan Academy. The resource provides mostly math subject tutoring and SAT prep support.

College Student Mentors

Free online tutoring for grades 1 to 12 by high school and college students as mentors.

Search for Tutoring in Nevada

A service to search tutoring services offered in each region in Nevada.

Individual Study

Free one-on-one online tutoring service. It provides simple online flashcards for individual study.

CCSD Free Tutoring

CCSD’s free tutoring service for elementary and secondary students.

CCSD Educational Support

CCSD’s educational support by providing free tutoring for youth in Southern Nevada.

Other Tutoring Opportnities in LV

Tutoring services for students in North Las Vegas. The prices are determined by individualized tutoring programs.

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Free tutoring program offered by UNR students for grades 6 to 12. 

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Free after-school tutoring offered for students in the Las Vegas Valley area, including homework help, for youth-at-risk.

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Free online tutoring offered by Las Vegas libraries.

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Free tutoring and mentoring services offered by university students nationwide. 

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Free online tutoring services for K through 12 students.

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Free online one-on-one tutoring services for high school students.

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Free online tutoring services for military families.

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